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Featured Customer Projects

A collection of featured projects showing how our customers have used Gapseal to seal their floorboard gaps, making their homes warmer and reducing their energy bills.

Living Room Floor

A living room floor with gaps of varying width but mostly of 2-7mm. The old filler had cracked and started to drop through the floor making it look untidy as well as draughty. Gapseal has easily filled all the gaps in the floor and made the floor look lovely again.

Victorian House

Its an 1896 Victorian semi-detached with wooden floor almost all the way through. The parts where your product is needed most are, as I'm sure you know, where ever boards have been lifted for electrical and plumbing work, and also around most of the skirting boards. We have also found it very useful, not to exclude draughts but to stop cat litter falling between the floorboards upstairs (as most of the bathroom floor had been lifted at some point or another. It has also done a good job of stopping slugs coming in under the skirting. Winner.

1890's Victorian House

We moved into our 1890's Victorian terrace property in Jan '14 and it was evident after a few winter weeks that there was a draft coming through the gaps in the floorboards. As with most victorian properties the floorboards are laid on top of suspended joists, and the floorboards are not joined by a modern type of 'tongue and groove' method, hence gaps appearing between the boards.

As seen in some of the photos, the gaps between our boards ranged between 0.5 to 5.0mm! After performing trials with the sample pack, we decided that we would use the Thin roll for gaps <2.0mm and the Standard roll for gaps between 2.0-5.0mm.

We found the best tool to finish the job was using a paint scraper, as you can really get into tight edges to push down that last little bit if material.

The thickness of our floorboards is 3/4". Using the full depth of the roller application tool, the Gapseal filler did not push through the other side, which was great news.

So in summary, I would definitely recommend this product. I can now place my hand along each edge between floorboards and can feel no draft, whereas before it was unbearable to sit on the floor. It has been easy to assemble and compared to filing the gaps with wood offcuts, it has proved to be a cheeper, cleaner and quicker alternative.

Bedroom Floor

Here are some before and after photos! The project is to draught proof my bedroom floor.

Dining Room

My project I had was to draught proof a newly exposed wooden floor that comprised both old and replaced boards. The replacement had not been done very neatly so there were lots of variations in the width of the gaps. As you will see by one of the sets of photos Draughtex coped really well with this and I can sense the warmth in the room as a result.

Victorian Attic Room

My project concerned a large attic room in a Victorian house. The floor had a horrible old carpet laid on it when I started. I knew before I started that the gaps in the boards would have to be sealed because the gaps between the floor joists are open to the very well ventilated roof space at the side and the wind comes howling through.

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