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How to Fit our Sash Window Gap Seal

Gapseal Window seal has been designed to address difficult gaps of varying thickness and in areas where windows either cannot be opened or have to slide up and down within a frame. Gapseal is very easy to apply:

Simply rake out any accumulated dirt with the handy applicator provided. Then start the installation of the Gapseal roll in a corner of the window. Then stretch the seal until it has the right thickness for the gap and push the seal into the gap with the applicator. Push it to about 2-3 mm depth below the surface of the window frame. Cut to length and push end into the gap.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before fitting Gapseal ensure that the gap between the window and the frame is clean and free from dirt and debris. Any dirt and debris can be removed using the applicator provided or an appropriate tool such as an old credit card.

Step 2 - Beginning the Application

Using the applicator provided push the end of the Gapseal into the gap at the end of the window frame. To make the first part of the installation easier the end of the Gapseal can be trimmed into a point using a pair of scissors, this will allow the end of the seal to be pushed into the window gap easily.

Step 3 - Fitting the seal

Stretch the window seal as much as necessary to fit into the gap without excessive force. The resistance to the applicator should be comfortable. Work a short section at a time! Repeat this process over the length of the window gap. The ideal depth is 2-3 mm below the surface of the window frame.

Step 4 - Cutting to Size

Once you have sealed the full window and reached the end of the gap, cut the seal leaving around 1 inch surplus length (this is done to prevent gaps being created at a later stage) using a pair of household scissors and push the seal into the gap using the applicator.

Safety Tip - Avoid Injury Risks

The Gapseal application tool is designed to avoid injuries. However, excessive force or using the tool not as intended can result in injury. Never work the applicator towards your face. Please store the applicator away from children.

Gapseal Options & Purchase

Gapseal is available in 10m rolls and each order is supplied with a FREE application tool.

Gapseal 10m Pack

13.99 inc VAT

Additional Application Tool

2.29 inc VAT

(Please note: each order is supplied with 1 x FREE application tool as standard)

Shipping Only: 1.99 Per Order (inc VAT)