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Energy Saving Properties

Houses that are fitted with sash windows quite often suffer from cold air being allowed into the rooms through the gaps around the sash window frame. This reduces the efficiency of their heating system and in turn can increase the cost of the fuel required to heat the room. Fitting a draught excluder that can eliminate the cold air entering the room will make the room feel warmer and in turn increase the efficiency of the heating system in that room.

Sash windows have usually a gap length of about 4m and an average gap width of about 2mm. This is the equivalent of a hole the size of a downpipe being drilled through your wall.
However, it is difficult to seal these gaps, as ordinary window seals are often ripped off the window or frame when the window is being closed after fitting standard window seals.

Marked energy savings can be achieved when fitting Gapseal window seals to sash windows and warped windows for which normal seals are insufficient.

The product has the following environmental benefits:-

  • Its application can result in substantial energy saving in homes

  • It is a long life product (Durable material)

  • It is reusable (Multiple life product)

  • It does not soak up moisture and does not harbour insects

  • It is safe to use and apply (No adhesives, no paint, no odours)

  • It has more than one application possibility

  • It is user friendly, simple and quick to install, no DIY skills required

  • It can be installed in listed buildings